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  2. Petrobras announces non-renewal of brand license for Vibra

Petrobras announces non-renewal of brand license for Vibra

Published in 10/01/2024 at 08:36:35

Photo: André Motta de Souza / Petrobras News Agency - Senado Building, Petrobras headquarters, in Rio de Janeiro.


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Petrobras informs that, yesterday, it notified Vibra Energia S.A. that it has no interest in extending the term of the company's current trademark license agreement, which began on June 28, 2019 and will end on June 28, 2029.

This agreement will remain in force, subject to the contractual terms and conditions. The non-renewal of the license will allow for the possible evaluation of new brand management strategies and business opportunities for Petrobras. Any decision will comply with the company's governance.

Facts deemed material will be disclose by the company in due course.

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