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Petrobras launches new, more efficient and sustainable asphalt

Product saves energy and generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions

Published in 14/12/2023 at 15:57:03

Launch event for the new asphalt at Cenpes

Photo: Rafael Pereira


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Petrobras' most sustainable asphalt line has gained a new product. It was specially formulated for applications at reduced temperatures, CAP Pro W 30/45 Petroleum Asphalt Cement generates energy savings in the machining stage (preparation of asphalt concrete), reducing greenhouse gas emissions by about 65%. The product was launched on Thursday (December 14), at an event held at the Petrobras Research Center (Cenpes), with the presence of company leaders, customers and guests.

The reduction in the temperature of the application process, brought about by CAP Pro W 30/45, results in lower costs in the paving chain, reduced carbon intensity and better working conditions. Petrobras also offers customers full technical support for the application of the new product.
Better health conditions during application

With the application at lower temperatures, it is estimated a reduction of about 70% of the so-called asphalt "fumes" (vapors generated by the high temperature of the product), minimizing the exposure of the workers directly involved in the activity.

CAP Pro W 30/45 allows a reduction in the temperature of the application process that can reach about 40°C, without prejudice to the performance of asphalt concrete. At the same time, it can provide a 15% increase in machining productivity. In addition, the proven characteristics of the Cap Pro W 30/45 bring all the benefits of a WMA (Warm Mix Asphalt), without the need to change equipment in the paving processes.
Benefits to highway users

As it is specified as a 30/45 petroleum asphalt cement, with a formulation developed, tested and approved by Cenpes, the product promotes greater durability when compared to conventional asphalt.
Due to the technology of the new asphalt, there are also other operational benefits, such as paving on colder days, greater transport distances from the plant to the application site, faster highway clearance, among others.

For the director of Industrial Processes and Products at Petrobras, William França, “CAP Pro W 30/45 is the result of research and increase of production processes. We are generating products with a lower carbon footprint and improved performance”.
CAP Pro asphalt line promotes sustainable chain

Petrobras will allocate USD11.5 billion to low-carbon projects over the next five years, as per the 2024-2028 Strategic Plan. According to the Director of Engineering, Technology and Innovation, Carlos Travassos, "Petrobras is doubling its investments in low carbon, promoting effective social and environmental gains, because it believes in a fair and responsible energy transition".

According to the director of Logistics, Marketing and Markets at Petrobras, Claudio Schlosser, CAP Pro W is an alternative to guide the future of the asphalt market: "The development of a high-performance asphalt with lower emissions and that develops a more sustainable chain is strategic for Petrobras. We invest to offer our customers and users quality products that reaffirm our commitment to society”.

A new generation of more sustainable asphalts is being developed by Petrobras, in line with the transition to a low-carbon future. In addition to the Cap Pro W 30/45, which now enters Petrobras' product portfolio, the company already markets the CAP Pro AP, which is indicated for paving with about 25% recycled content, incorporating the concept of circular economy. Both CAP Pro W 30/45 and CAP Pro AP are produced at the Henrique Lage Refinery (REVAP), in the state of São Paulo.

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