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Petrobras renews partnership with one of Europe's largest energy research institutes

The company signed letter of intent and formalized cooperation with SINTEF- Energy Research

Published in 16/11/2023 at 19:19:13

President Jean Paul Prates with representatives from SINTEF

Photo: Divulgation


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The president of Petrobras, Jean Paul Prates, met on Wednesday (15) with representatives of SINTEF - Energy Research, a research, development and teaching institution, to formalize a new partnership between the company and SINTEF through a letter of intent for an in-depth study of the CCUS value chain, carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and geological storage of CO2. In the past decade, the company and the organization have already worked together.
"The meeting was very positive and the rapprochement between Petrobras and SINTEF should happen soon, with the formation of a group of researchers from Petrobras and ISI-Senai, who will interact directly with SINTEF researchers to participate in the development of projects that are already underway and propose new projects of interest to the company," said Prates.
SINTEF has hundreds of researchers and dozens of active projects in partnership with major companies such as Equinor and Aker. It also has lines of research and projects focused on offshore wind, blue and green hydrogen production, green ammonia and carbon capture and storage (CCS).
"Petrobras and SINTEF share the vision of the global need to promote a fair and rapid energy transition without compromising biodiversity. The focus is on development, using technology as a tool for growth and increased performance, especially with a view to a just energy transition," concluded the president.
At Petrobras, the Leopoldo Américo Miguez de Mello Research, Development and Innovation Center (CENPES) will be responsible for developing the studies in conjunction with SINTEF.  "Petrobras has formalized its interest in being part of the gigaCCS project, led by SINTEF, which aims to develop and accelerate carbon capture and sequestration technologies, adding value and reducing risks for industry and society and, therefore, supporting the efforts and commitments made to reduce emissions," explained CENPES general manager Jaime Turazzi.
SINTEF is one of Europe's largest research institutes, with multidisciplinary expertise in technology, natural sciences and social sciences. SINTEF is an independent foundation which, since 1950, has been creating innovation through development and research work for companies and the public sector at home and abroad.
Mission to the Nordic countries

In addition to Norway, the mission also includes agendas in Denmark and the Netherlands.  On Thursday (16/11), the president visited the Danish Energy Agency to discuss the regulatory environment, market prospects and the restructuring of the country's renewable energy sector.

To conclude the mission, on Monday (20/11), the Logistics, Marketing and Markets director, Cláudio Schlosser, will visit the Petrobras office in the Netherlands and the Port of Rotterdam for meetings and business opportunities.

The technical mission includes visits to local partner companies and suppliers. The agendas will be attended by the Brazilian ambassadors in Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands.


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