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Petrobras enters into agreement to supply reuse water to Gaslub

Largest water reuse project in Brazil to generate economies in drinking water equivalent to supplying 600,000 residents in São Gonçalo region

Published in 26/10/2023 at 11:17:22

São Gonçalo Sewage Treatment Plant (ETE-São Gonçalo)

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Petrobras signed a contract to supply reused water to Gaslub, located in Itaboraí, from the treatment of effluents from the São Gonçalo Sewage Treatment Station (ETE-São Gonçalo), operated by Aegea.

In Brazil, this is the largest water reuse project in an industrial area. The works to adapt the ETE - São Gonçalo are expected to begin by Aegea in the second half of 2024.

"The implementation of the project will allow Gaslub's industrial assets to be supplied with water produced from treated domestic sewage. According to the Director of Industrial Processes and Products, Wiliam França, in this scenario, industrial activity will have an inexhaustible and sustainable source of water.

The availability of reused water for Gaslub should occur from the second half of 2026. From then on, the unit will no longer consume potable water (water that can become drinkable after conventional treatment), which can be directed to human consumption.


The gas processing operations at the GasLub Hub is expected to begin in 2024, in accordance with the 2023-2027 Strategic Plan. The other units that are necessary to start these operations, such as auxiliary units located at the GasLub Hub, underwater and earth pipelines, have already been completed in the final commissioning or pre-operation phase. The Rota 3 Integrated Project, of which UPGN is a part, is strategic for Petrobras and the country, as it will enable the flow and processing of up to 21 million m³/day of natural gas produced in the Santos Basin pre-salt hub and the increase in the supply of natural gas to the Brazilian market, thus reducing dependence on LNG imports.

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